Paul Auster

„Die Welt hat keine objektive Existenz. Sie existiert nur insoweit, als wir sie wahrnehmen können. […] Folglich hat die Welt eine Grenze, irgendwo hört sie auf. Aber wo sie für mich aufhört, hört sie nicht unbedingt auch für dich auf.“

  • in: Notizen aus einer Kladde (1967), Deutsche Erstveröffentlichung, in: Du 841, November 21013, S. 37.

Are you saying you want to give up the project?

No, not at all. But in order to tell the truth, we´ll have to fictionalize it.


A novel, then.

Yes, a novel. And now that I´m thinking novel, I understand that limitless possibilities have opened up to us. We can tell the truth, yes, but we´ll also have the freedom to make things up.

Why would you want to do that?

To make the story more interesting. We´ll be basing the action on my life, of course, but the character who plays me in the book will have a different name. […] Once I become Mr. X, I won´t be myself anymore, and once I´m not myself, we can add as many details as we like.


He seems to be working for the French, but he´s actually working for the Russians. Mr. X is a mole.

It´s beginning to sound like a thriller –

Thriller. Don´t you just love that word? Thriller.

  • Paul Auster: Invisible. Cécile Juin´s Diary.
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